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  • Business R&D in Europe: trends in expenditures, researcher numbers and related policies 

    Joint Research Centre; Directorate-General for Research and Innovation; Grablowitz, Alexander; Delicado, Ana; Laget, Patrice (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2007)
    In 2002, The European Union adopted in Barcelona a R&D investment target aiming at a R&D intensity of 3% in 2010 with 2% stemming from the business sector. In order to achieve this target, R&D policy makers are requested ...
  • Monitoring industrial research: role and dynamics of corporate R&D: summary report of the First European Conference on Corporate R&D, Seville, 8-9 October 2007 

    Joint Research Centre; Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2008)
    The Conference Role and Dynamics of R&D, held on 8-9 October 2007, brought together the community of researchers on corporate R&D to learn about recent developments in the field and outline future avenues of research. A ...
  • World -2000 companies ranked by R&D 

    Unknown author (2012)
  • EU top 1000 companies ranked by R&D 

    Unknown author (2012)
  • Making Europe’s industry stronger : Key initiatives 

    European Commission (European Commission, 2017-09-17)
    Industry is at the heart of the Juncker Commission’s political priorities. All Commission policies are geared to empower industry to create jobs, boost Europe's competitiveness, foster investment and innovation in clean ...
  • A holistic strategy and a strong partnership in a new industrial age 

    European Commission (European CommissionCouncil of Europe, 2017-09-18)
    A prosperous Europe needs a successful industry with a strong manufacturing base Industry is the engine of innovation, productivity, growth and exports. Industry offers quality jobs to Europeans. Europe's industry is ...
  • Public opinion in the European Union 

    European Commission (European CommisiomBrussels, 2021-07)
    According to this Standard Eurobarometer survey conducted in June-July 2021, attitudes towards the EU remain positive and broadly stable. Optimism about the future of the EU has reached its highest level since 2009 and ...
  • Citizens' awareness and perception of EU Regional policy 

    European Commission (European CommisiomBrussels, 2021-10)
    69% of respondents are aware that Cohesion Policy supports the post Covid-19 recovery. This survey shows that Cohesion Policy support for the recovery and the fight against the pandemic is well noticed. This awareness is ...
  • Short-term rentals in the EU 

    European Commission (European CommisiomBrussels, 2021-10)
    29% have booked short-term rentals through online platforms at least once; 89% considering this a positive experience they would recommend to others. Results also show how such services can lead to a more diversified tourist ...

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