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dc.contributor.authorEU Commission
dc.description.abstractof the results of a study by PROGNOS (Swltzerland) to Justlfythe groy{th rate of road haulage. At that tlme, the results ofthe PROGNOS work (a multl-cllont study) were stlllconfldentlal, but the prlnclpal rosults have slnce beenreleased. In thls report br lef corrments are made on the PROGNOSmethodology and maln results for 4 modes (road, rall, Inlandwaterway and sea) between 16 countrles (EUR 12 + Austrla'Swltzerland, lrlorway and Srveden); these are for 1984 (base year)wlth forecasts for 1990 and 2000 (two scenarlos for 2000: 2000Aand 20008).These maln results wlll then bo compared wlth another studycarrled out by Datagraphlcs (Unlted Klngdom) excluslvely forthe Commlsslon and also wlth the observed evolut lon of themarket from 1984 to 1988.Th6 last two Analysls and Forecasts Reports (1987 and 1988)have concentrated excluslv6ly on Internat lonal lntra-Communltyroad transport and the role of the Communlty Suota whlch hasbeen growlng rapldly In recent years. The Councll wlll short lybe oxamlnlng the Commlsslon proposal for lncreases In thenumber of Communlty Quota authorlsatlons for 1990, 1991 and1992. In thls report, a projectlon ls made of the erpected useof such authorlsatlons through to 1992 and the sharo of thetota| "HIre and Reward" market held by the CommunIty Suota lsest I mated.Another toplcal lssue ls road cabotago, tho posslblllty forhau | | ers reg I stered I n one Member State to make domest I cmovements In another Member State. Thls lssue Urlll be examlnedfor the f lrst tlme and an estlmate made of the posslble lmpactof cabotage In 1990/91.
dc.publisherEU Commission
dc.subjectTransportation policy
dc.titleEuropa transport. Observation of the transport markets. Analysis and forecasts 1989
dc.typeWorking Document

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