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dc.contributor.authorEuropean Commission
dc.descriptionINSTITUTIONAL PAPER 178
dc.description.abstractThis report is prepared as an enclosed document to the Commission's assessment pursuant Article 3(5) of Regulation (EU) 472/2013 published as Communication from the Commission – Enhanced Surveillance – Greece, February 2022. It was prepared in the Directorate General Economic and Financial Affairs, under the direction of Maarten Verwey, Director General, Declan Costello, Deputy Director General, and the coordination of Julia Lendvai, Head of Unit and Milan Lisicky, Deputy Head of Unit. Contributors: Chris Allen, Fotini Dionyssopoulou, Matteo Duiella, Dolores Gloria Duran Bono, Sotirios Giannoulis, Christos Gofas, Andras Hudecz, Malai Irina, Vasileios Maroulis, Benedetta Martinelli, Vasilis Nikitas, Eleni Polemidiotou, Marie-Luise Rud, Manos Sfakianakis, Matija Suskovic, Alexandros Tavoutsoglou, Andreas Trokkos, Vasiliki Vasilopoulou, Irene Vlachaki, Rainer Wichern and Alkistis Zavakou. The European Central Bank staff participated in the drafting of this report in accordance with the European Central Bank’s competences and thus provided expertise on financial sector policies and macro-critical issues, such as headline fiscal targets and sustainability and financing needs. Staff of the European Stability Mechanism contributed to the preparation of this report in the context of the European Stability Mechanism's Early Warning System and in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding of 27 April 2018 on working relations between the European Commission and the European Stability Mechanism. International Monetary Fund staff participated in the context of its Post-Programme Monitoring framework.
dc.publisherEuropean Commission
dc.subjectSocial welfare
dc.subjectPublic administration
dc.subjectHealth care
dc.titleEnhanced Surveillance Report: Communication from the Commission and accompanying Commission Staff Working Document
dc.typecom doc

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