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dc.contributor.authorEU Commission
dc.descriptionCentral Government
dc.description.abstractIn accordance with Article 22 of Directive 2009/28/EC1 (hereinafter referred to also as the Renewable Energy Directive), each Member State shall submit a report to the Commission on progress in the promotion and use of energy from renewable sources. The progress report must be submitted to the Commission by 31 December 2011, and every two years thereafter. The present report conforms to the model proposed by the European Commission for progress reporting and thus meets all the requirements laid down in Article 22 of the Directive. For an explanation of tables and figures, please see the model.
dc.publisherEU Commission
dc.subjectRenewable sources
dc.subjectEnergy Policy
dc.titleProgress report on energy from renewable sources in the Netherlands, 2009-2010 Directive 2009/28/EC
dc.typeworking document

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