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dc.contributor.authorEU Commission
dc.descriptionSEC (2002) 300 final
dc.description.abstractAlthough not providing a legal basis for a specific Community tourism policy, Article 3(l)(u) of the current Treaty establishing the European Community refers to 'measures in the sphere of tourism' as part of the Community activities. This report, presented in accordance with Article 5 of Council Decision 92/421/EEC of 13 July 1992 on Community actions to assist tourism I, presents an overview of Community measures affecting tourism undertaken in the year 2000. It should be seen as a continuation of the previous reports of this kind 2. In the year 2000, there was a major emphasis on the subject of Tourism and Employment (see in particular Chapter 2.1 ). This process was marked by the follow-up given to the Conclusions adopted by the Council of (Internal Market) Ministers of 21 June 1999, in co-operation of the European Commission and the Member States 3. The work undertaken so far was endorsed at a special Seminar of Tourism Ministers organised by the French Council Presidency on 22 November 2000 at Lille and was presented to the Internal Market Council of 30 November 2000. As for previous periods, most of the activities described in this report have been implemented within the framework of a wide range of Community policies and programmes which, while not specifically designed in terms of tourism objectives, have nevertheless an important influence on the development of the tourism industry, on the interests of tourists, and on the exploitation and preservation of the assets which are utilised by tourism. Without going into excessive detail, this report tries to give a general overview in this respect. It is structured according to major fields of activity, i.e. Tourism and Community economic policies Enhancing Europe's Potential for tourism Economic and social cohesion linked to tourism development Tourists' interests International Dimension of Tourism The report provides detailed information in addition to the data and trends in the Commission communication of 13 November 2001 Working together for thefuture of European tourism 4. It is also a tool for measuring the integration of the concerns of all tourism stakeholders in Community policies and initiatives affecting the sector. Furthermore, one of the conclusions of the Commission's report on the severe impact of the events of 11 September 2001 on the tourism sector 5 is the confirmed need to ensure that the effects of policy measures in the relevant Community policy areas on tourism, are to be taken into account during their development.
dc.publisherEU Commission
dc.titleReport on Community measures affecting tourism. Commission staff working paper.
dc.typeSEC Document

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